Bernina Sewing Machine

Classic Quilts is the sole distributor for Bernina Sewing Machines in UAE, Kuwait and Oman. View the various models introduced by BERNINA to cater to any kind of sewing need! Contact us if you need more details!


Bernina 880

The BERNINA 880 is our most sophisticated creation and leaves nothing to desire. Discover new stunning functions like the Stitch Designer or the Color Wheel

Bernina 820 QE

With the BERNINA 820 QE, your creativity knows no bounds: your key to the world of top-quality sewing.


Bernina 790

The BERNINA 790 is the ideal machine for sewing fine fabrics as attested by Kazu Huggler, Japenese-Swiss designer: “The BERNINA 790 lets you embroider designs over a particularly large area, and offers a range of luxury features. The Dual Feed is brilliant at feeding my silky fabrics

Bernina 770 QE

For American quilt artist Tula Pink, the BERNINA 770 QE is something very special: “Next to my passion for my designs, I’m equally passionate about BERNINA. The BERNINA 770 QE gives me the space I need for quilting, plus the Stitch Regulator can’t be beat for even stitches.”

Bernina 740

The BERNINA 740 won over Swiss designer Mathias Ackermann right from the start:

"Working with a BERNINA has an inspirational effect on my designs. I love working with the BERNINA 740, and not just because of its well-engineered technology. Features such as the threader and the BERNINA Stitch Regulator thrill me to bits. What’s more, its versatility inspires me with new ideas, and its user-friendliness is simply brilliant. It also sews the finest fabrics, effortlessly"


Bernina 580

The BERNINA 580: feature-packed sewing, embroidery and quilting – highly versatile for creative freedom.

Bernina 560

The BERNINA 560: The multi-talented machine for sewing and embroidery with ample space for growing needs.

Bernina 550 QE

The BERNINA 550 QE – elegant and precise: Superb sewing and quilting for ambitious novices and experienced sewers.

Bernina 530

The BERNINA 530 will wow you with its wide range of functions and features – particularly its BSR functionality – as well as its wealth of pre-programmed stitches. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR foot) <> can be added as an accessory at any time.


Bernina 380

The BERNINA 380 offers a vast range of features and functions, with 221 stitches, automatic buttonhole, mirror function, and much more – the top model of the 3 Series.

Bernina 350 PE

The BERNINA 350 offers the highest precision, allied with tried-and-tested Swiss quality. Discover BERNINA’s young model with the unbeatable price/performance ratio!.


Bernina 215

The BERNINA 215 provides you with everything you need for a good start in creative sewing, and can be upgraded as your own ambitions grow.

The Classic Mechanical Sewing Machine

Bernina 1008

The BERNINA 1008 offers the flair of mechanical sewing with high precision and a wide range of setting options – the perfect example of comfort,convenience, and ease of handling.