Memory Quilts & T-Shirt Quilt

A great gift to give any dear one in your lives- a quilt that tells them a story of the past! Memory quilts involve patching together various symbolic fabrics- it could be a T-shirt quilt, where T-shirts are sewn together to create a quilt that reminds one of their interests and favorite life moments. It could also be a picture quilt- where we infuse photographs onto fabric, and sew the pictures together to create a fine patchwork of memories.

Here are following occasions where memory quilts are great:

  • Celebrating a milestone birthday - like a 21st birthday or a 50th birthday
  • Celebrating a milestone anniversary- like 25 years of marriage
  • Graduation- a great time for T-shirt quilts. College kids usually end up with a collection of T-shirts they won’t really wear post graduation

Let’s make life more memorable with a beautiful memory quilt!