Meet Our Founders

Mala Ramakrishnan

Mala is a long arm quilter, who started quilting back in 2000. Successfully converting her passion for sewing and quilting in the retail industry, Mala aims to promote and cultivate sewing in the Middle East, and popularize quilting as an art form as well. Mala travels extensively attending Quilt workshops, Quilt shows and Trade Exhibitions around the world and thereby keeping herself updated on the latest in the Quilting Industry. Some of her quilts have won prizes at judged shows. She is also a member of the International Quilt Association, Dubai Quilters’ Guild, Abu Dhabi Quilting Guild and Muscat Quilt Guild.

Shanker Ramakrishnan

Shanker Ramakrishnan, Mala’s husband is a Chartered Accountant and has held senior positions with various Multinational companies in the Middle East since 1979. Currently he is holding the position of a Commercial Advisor to a well known group of companies in Dubai and also supports Mala in her quilting venture by way of assistance in procurement, administration and accounting. He has established The International Quilt Show in Dubai, which is held biannually bringing in quilters from around the world to show their quilts and participate in the competition. Workshops are also held at the show.