Bubble Jet Set 2000- 32oz For HP Printers

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You simply soak the fabric in the HP Bubble Jet Set 2000 solution for 5 minutes. Allow to dry. Then iron treated fabric to the shiny side of freezer paper. Once this is completed simply feed fabric through your printer exactly like a sheet of paper and you are done! This is a new product that allows you to print directly on fabric with and HP ink jet printer. Now you can create your own fabric sheets with your personal computer and printer. This revolutionary idea allows you to take all of your art work, favorite posters, family photo’s and apply them to fabric. The permanent images on fabric will allow you to create quilts, mouse pads, cup holders, shirts, curtains, flags or any fabric ideal you can image. In addition, you can create these images on fabric while maintaining the true texture and feel of the fabric. Unlike transfer products, HP Bubble Jet Set 2000 will not leave the fabric stiff or coated with a plastic film

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